Ecommerce solution with a custom design, professional copywriting and SEO helps increase online reservations

  • Over 150% increase in website reservations
  • Website traffic doubled over the first 6 months
  • 13.5% increase in conversion rate
  • Custom Google map application highlighting local attractions


The Buchan Hotel is a boutique hotel located in Downtown Vancouver. As a no frills hotel they focus their marketing efforts on promoting their great location and affordable prices.

Image of website keyword research for SEO

Image of a website wireframe prototype

Image of home page design

Image of Google Analytics


The Buchan Hotel contacted Pixelmade to help improve their online branding by redesigning their website. They were also concerned with a high number of abandoned reservations they were experiencing with their booking system.

  • Fresh and updated design for their website
  • Improve website navigation & usability
  • Build a reservation system to accept online bookings
  • Provide information on local attractions and dining


Custom hotel website design

  • Warm and clean design
  • Clearly communicates "affordable hotel in great area"
  • Manages customer expectations by not overselling hotel

Website usability & information architecture

  • Wireframe prototype to test usability prior to design
  • Intuitive navigation, consistent structure and clear labeling
  • Optimized reservation system to reduce abandoned bookings

Custom reservation system

  • Easy for customers to make reservations
  • Ability to manage room inventory
  • CMS with sales reports

Google maps application for local area information

  • Local attractions overlaid on Google map with proximity to hotel
  • Local restaurants overlaid on Google map
  • Local shops overlaid on Google map

Additional services provided

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media integration
  • Content writing


  • Over 150% increase in website reservations
  • Website traffic doubled in the first 6 months of site launch
  • 3.5% increase in conversion rate for online bookings